Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cristal Malone by Efgee and Daisy Gonzalez II

Today I continued looking for press releases and I found another article talking about my jewelry which is always soo awesome to read. The Stylepint Blog wrote about me and Daisy Gonzalez. Here are some very good images posted by the blogger and look out for my bling bling :))

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cristal Malone by Efgee and Daisy Gonzalez

So as some of you may have read before, I have created my new Jewelry line titled Cristal Malone and I recently paired it up with my friend Daisy Gonzalez's clothing designs. On Saturday October 24th my jewelry was presented and here are some associated photos of the event and the link to a press article.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mother of London

Hello Kiddies, so today I went on a interview and found out I will be interning for a incredible clothing brand called Mother of London, if you look up their work you can see it is truly amazing and it's the kind of work I would love to do. Hope to learn so much from them and that I get influence from them. Below are amazing pictures of some of their work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LA Fashion Week 2010: Trend Magazine

Last Night I was invited to attend a group fashions show at The Libertine on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. The location seems like a nice lounge/bar you would want to visit as a west hollywood local, but as a location for a fashion show I think now. My critique on the location has nothing to do with the fashion but it bothered my that when the show was going on people were walking in between the models, I would beyond freak if it was my show. They had three or four designers show, I forget how many because the timing of it was all off. Below is a list of the people that showed, the design duo that stood out for me were the two designers for Btfl people [Beautiful People]. They have nice and simple women friendly designs that are combined with beautiful and vibrant prints. Hope to hear from these designers again and I have attached some photos I got from the LAfashion week website.


'RumpleMunkeh' by Rochelle Carino: 'Sparkle and Feathers and Pearls, Oh my!'- Comparing her late night sewing sessions to the fairy tale 'Rumplestiltskin' and combining that with her nickname of 'Monkey', designer Rochelle Carino launched her "RumpleMunkeh."

Galaxxxy: Chemical Candy (Japan) by, Hiromi Kishi- Influenced by 80's dance music and animation, the line incorporates pop lifestyle interests into wildly wearable art.

Cowgirl Heaven by, Houstina Summers: 'Summers in Cowgirl Heaven'- Considered to be the next 'Betsy Johnson'.

'Btfl People' by Art Hunter & Brandon Niquolas: 'Hunters and Prey'- For the girl who loves fashion, fine clothing, and is not afraid to take risks to stand out in the crowd.

DILLY DALLY by, Yusa Ishizuka– Inspired by femininity, and the beauty of nudes, Yusa Ishizuka, uses a soft palette of neutral textures and tones to her line this season.

ANU CUSTOM JEWELRY by Jeanne Bauer-Jeanne's collection combines timeless antique pieces with semi-precious stones, precious gems, and metals making "one of a kind" works of art.

Miss Wax Jewelry by Kylee Fauss- Influenced by our hip-hop heroes, trends, pop culture of the past, and a straight love for street culture.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Cristal Malone!!!

Some of you may not know it, but I have started designing some accessories and I have decided to name this tiny collection Cristal Malone as a tribute to two of the classiest broads in this world, Nomi Malone and Cristal Conners from Showgirls. They were originally a continuation from the pieces I did for Golda Lamey, but this time I decided to tone down on the crazy [haha] and still make them wearable but recognizable as Jewelry by Efgee. Cristal Malone is mainly cuffs and giant rings because they are to compliment women friendly clothing. Nuff blabbing and he is a tiny preview of some of the pieces in different stages of construction. Goodbye for now and hope to see you for Los Angeles Fashion Week

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daisy Gonzalez in LA Fashion Week

Friend and Fashion designer Daisy Gonzalez will be showcasing her 2011 Spring/Summer collection in the official LA fashion Week, So proud. Anybody who's anybody is going to be attending this fashion show.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am proud to announce that I am launching my website where I am going to be showcasing all my designs events and which also includes my online store which is still under construction, which will be selling custom accessories and one of kind pieces created by your truly. Below you can see two screen shots of my new site which will be updated frequently along with this blog. That's it for now.

Oh Dramatic Stacey!

Jun Mapue is a understudy for Jeff from Goose McGee Photography and he also took some shots on the day that we were doing a test shot with my garments. He took a different approach and made them darker, which was a very nice decision. Here are these sample shots for you to see. My work with Stacey Mirkin is not done, but it's time for me move on soon and work on other things. Hope you all have enjoyed this ride while it lasted.