Thursday, November 1, 2012

"A thing of beauty is a joy…for exactly twelve months”

Hey everyone trying to blog more often like I used to with more posts. Here is the latest on [Efgee] Designs. I got nominated for RAWards fashion designer of the year in LA.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dangerous Type!

Hi everyone I received the images from the Photo shoot I styled this past Sunday and hope you enjoy them as well. They came out very edgy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

You Are Your Own Legacy....

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be able to release only these 2 Images from the editorial spread I styled for Legacee by Gerardo Aguilar. These are some of my favorite looks of the day and I hope you like how the images are turning out as much as I did. I have a true passion for passion and I hope it shows.

-Frank Garcia [Efgee]

Designer: Gerardo Aguilar 
Stylist: Frank Garcia [Efgee]
Photographer: Tatsu B-ikeda
Model: Briana Skye
Model: Drew Dunlap
Make-up& Hair: Brandi Clarice

Preview Time!!!!

Styling By yours Truly....
Model: Mariel Noir
Clothing: Efgee Frank Garcia
Legacee by Gerardo Aguilar
Photography: Jesse David McGrady

This Commercial is Brought to you by.....

Please make sure to visit the [Efgee] online store at www. More items are being posted everyday :) Thank you

Let me hear your body talk....

Hi everyone Frank here, after a little hiatus from posting I am finally back. I am still working on RYB it's not that i'm slacking on itm it's just very hard for one person to be an entire clothing factory but enough on that haha. I actually started styling again and I have decided to surround everything around the [Efgee] brand even when styling. What that means is that the "Francisco De La Costa Garcia" name is no more :(( I know I know but it's not practical to be using many different names as a business point of view it confuses the customers. So now when I style I use "Frank Garcia [Efgee]". The reason I went into this whole rant is because I started styling again and I will soon be posting all the gorgeous work that is to come. I have been working as main assistant and stylist to the clothing brand Legacee and I have included some behind the scene shots and will soon post the main deal images. I hope some of you are out there still following me out there and  know that I will be updating this blog just like I use to. Thanks for reading and hope you stay tuned :)

-Frank Garcia [Efgee]

Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's Never Forget...

Hi Kitty's been away too long of a time. It's February yet again and today I was remembering that this coming Saturday February 11th 2012 is the second year anniversary of my biggest inspiration in the world, Lee Alexander McQueen. I will never forget his genius and I hope no one else ever does. I know I don't need to state his achievements but I though I would post some of my favorite pictures of himself, his designs and runway video. Hope you enjoy.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Went To School With Grace Coddington???

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!! 2011 is over and my posts were not as high as 2010, i'm going to change that for this New Year. I have been busy with many different ventures in my life and I have returned to my designs and my newest collection. It has been spoken of by different names: acid fantastico, Carmelita Tropicana etc... but indeed it is called RYB and it is currently being worked on. I am on a time crunch and want to release to be shown with other collection for Fall 2012. Here are snippets of images that prove work being done and that soon I will be able to reveal more. Thank you to those still following and hope to bring new life into this blog  which has always been so important to me.

-Frank Garcia Efgee