Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yet Another Song I Can Use...

Hello Everyone,

If you don't know me personally than you probably don't know that I am working on expanding my collection to a full out collection because I have been given an opportunity to be able show at a venue other than my school, so I am in full gear working again. Even if this doesn't happen I needed to complete the collection for my self and future photoshoots. Well enough about that the poin of this posting is to say that I have found another Kylie Minogue song remix I can use as a runway song. I don't know who the remixer is but I stumbled onto it on the website: It's a remix of the song slow which was on kylie's album title body language from the early 2000's. I am including the video I also found on youtube incase you don't hear it on my page because you might have noticed if your speakers are on, that my page now includes music lol. hope you enjoy it as well, I feel that it also goes well with this current collection of mine, Stacy Mirkin

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