Thursday, January 6, 2011

Style Noir

Hello Kiddies keeping beyond busy, I feel that I haven't put a lot of attention to my blog but I do update everytime I have something new. Yesterday I received more photos from Tatsu from Bholanathfoto studio and here you go, you get to see them as well. The pictures were set in black and white and it was more of a styled shoot as I have began to transition myself as a stylist as well. I have decided to use the name Francisco De La Costa Garcia as the name I will be styling under and you can check out my Model mayhem page as a stylist by following this link Many other projects are being worked on at the moment and hope to have results to show very soon.


  1. A man of many names!!! Love it! the 1st is my fav!!

  2. i love efgee mcgee it rocks my world

  3. Thanks gurls yess many names indeed Frank, Francisco, Terra haha