Monday, June 11, 2012

Let me hear your body talk....

Hi everyone Frank here, after a little hiatus from posting I am finally back. I am still working on RYB it's not that i'm slacking on itm it's just very hard for one person to be an entire clothing factory but enough on that haha. I actually started styling again and I have decided to surround everything around the [Efgee] brand even when styling. What that means is that the "Francisco De La Costa Garcia" name is no more :(( I know I know but it's not practical to be using many different names as a business point of view it confuses the customers. So now when I style I use "Frank Garcia [Efgee]". The reason I went into this whole rant is because I started styling again and I will soon be posting all the gorgeous work that is to come. I have been working as main assistant and stylist to the clothing brand Legacee and I have included some behind the scene shots and will soon post the main deal images. I hope some of you are out there still following me out there and  know that I will be updating this blog just like I use to. Thanks for reading and hope you stay tuned :)

-Frank Garcia [Efgee]

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